Sabeen Pervez is a Canadian Based Commercial and Special Fx Makeup artist, with over 18 years experience, Sabeen is one of the highly regarded Makeup Artists in the industry. Whether she's called to create her signature wigs or to simply work magic with her flawless approach to skin, she loves the possibility of trying something new to continue to learn , be creative and grow. Having previously lived in New York for 12+ years Sabeen now resides in Calgary, near her family.


In New York, Sabeen was discovered by a celebrity photographer and since then collaborated with many top photographers and Artists. Her work has graced many magazine covers, commercials, T.V. and film projects. " I love the look on my clients when they see themselves, the confidence that is built within, the way they stand , the way they walk, their mannerisms, that is satisfying to me."


Sabeen's work is not limited to being a Makeup Artist. She has been on camera as an actor, hosted an entertainment show and has also been interviewed on radio as well as T.V. " I love the endless feeling of the unknowning” what's next? Sabeen continues to travel between the United States and Canada for her passion of the art.Type your paragraph here.

Tel: 403.617.5756
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